What We Fear Most

  • Dr Ben Cave
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'Poignant, funny, engrossing' - Jo Brand Meet Dr Ben Cave. For over thirty years he has worked in prisons and secure hospitals diagnosing and treating some of the most troubled men and women in society. A lifetime of care takes us from delusional disorders to schizophrenia, steroid abuse to drug dependency, personality disorders to paedophilia, and depression so severe a mother can kill her own baby. These are the human stories behind the headlines. The reality of a life spent working with patients with the severest mental health disorders. The tragic and often frightening truth about what happens behind closed doors. Dr Ben Cave takes us on a journey to the heart of this highly emotive environment, putting himself under the microscope as well as his patients. In the process, he allows us to share what they have taught each other, and how it has changed them. To share the psychological battle scars that come with a career on the frontline of our health service. To learn about the brilliant mental health nurses for whom physical injury and verbal abuse are a daily hazard. To learn about ourselves, and what we fear most. ------ Thoughtful, revealing, often haunting and always enlightening, if you liked Unnatural Causes, Do No Harm and This is Going to Hurt this book is for you.
'A beautifully balanced and compassionately written memoir ... This is a fascinating account of a fascinating journey.' - Dr Richard Shepherd, bestselling author of Unnatural Causes 'A beautifully written invitation to glimpse into Cave's often painful, but ultimately uplifting journey.' - Kerry Daynes, bestselling author of The Dark Side of the Mind 'Dr Ben Cave approaches what is often a much misunderstood area of mental illness with sensitivity and pragmatism. His sense of humour and humanity shine through.' - Jo Brand 'Delightfully entertaining, witty, surprising, horrifying, and harrowing - all part of life in forensic mental health services' - Professor Kamaldeep Bhui, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford 'The expert knowledge contained in this book will help us all gain a crucial understanding of the complex issue of mental health.' - Jonathan Agnew, cricket commentator and former professional cricketer 'the most mesmerising, haunting and seductive book I have read in years... I have no doubt it will take it's place atop the new wave of literary, medical professionals.' - Amol Rajan, journalist and media editor 'A compelling insight into the tragic and at times frightening truth about what happens behind locked doors.' - Marjorie Wallace CBE, founder and CEO of SANE 'A riveting, moving, frightening, highly personal, at times depressing and yet surprisingly humorous account of a life in forensic psychiatry.' - Dr Phil Hammond, British physician, broadcaster, comedian and commentator
Uitgavejaar 2022
ISBN 9781841885544
Verschijningsdatum 7 jul. 2022
Omvang 368
Auteur(s) Dr Ben Cave
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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