Work, Vacation and Well-being

  • Dalia Etzion
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Based on a twenty-year research study, Work, Vacation and Well-being delves into the ubiquitous yet often-underestimated issues surrounding vacation and respite. Providing an original outlook on how breaks from work can be beneficial for the well-being of employees, this book also addresses the potential negative impacts of vacation. Taking into account factors concerning the nature of the break and the person taking it, Etzion delves into the benefits and drawbacks of workplace breaks, from annual leave to maternity leave and sabbaticals. Work, Vacation and Well-being looks at breaks from work through various social and cultural lenses, to present a balanced and well-researched perspective on all angles of taking a break. Perfect for students of Organizational and Health Psychology, Work, Vacation and Well-being also widely appeals to those studying Social Policy, Management Studies, Occupational Health and Research Methods.
Preface How it all began How I came to study vacation About this book Introduction 1. Theoretical Background of Respite The problem The resolution How do we find what works? This book 2. Characteristics of the Break Duration Location The respite experience Degree of detachment Degree of change Special respite cases 3. Personal Characteristics Demographics Personality types Employment 4. Policies and Norms: Organizational and Environmental Conditions Annual leave Family-friendly Cultural and social settings of leave and leisure 5. Outcomes Post-respite psychological well-being Post-respite physiological well-being Crossover Fade-out of the respite effect 6. Discussion and Conclusions Respite Research Recovery and coping Social and organizational support How to rest Call for the future Appendix 1: Meta-Analytic Study of Respite and Fade-out Effects Method Analyses Results Discussion Appendix 2: Annotated Bibliography Appendix 3: Respite Questionnaires Index
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9781848722309
Verschijningsdatum 4 okt. 2019
Omvang 266
Auteur(s) Dalia Etzion
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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