Working with Autistic People in the Criminal Justice and Forensic Mental Health Systems

  • Nichola Tyler Anne Sheeran
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1. At present there are no edited books dedicated to understanding and working with individuals with Autism in secure settings. 2. Likely to appeal to a wide audience including psychology, psychiatry, nursing, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and criminal justice staff. 3. Will be the first of its kind to combine theory, research and practice in the area of ASC and offending. 4. This is a growing area and a much-needed text in this arena.
Series Foreword Foreword Preface Acknowledgements Part I: Understanding Autism 1: Autism: Context and Diagnosis Chapter 2: Autism and Mental Health 3: Receiving a Diagnosis of Autism in Adulthood Part II: Forensic Issues 4: Autism and Offending Behaviour 5: Questioning Autistic People: Police and Courts 6: Supporting Autistic People in Prisons 7: Supporting Autistic People in Secure Hospitals and Beyond 8: Offence Focused Interventions for Autistic People 9: Risk Assessment with Autistic People Part III: Clinical Issues 10: Strategies for Supporting Autistic People 11: What Support Interventions are Helpful for Families and Carers of Autistic People in the Criminal Justice System? 12: Women and Autism 13: Victimisation Experiences of Autistic People and Restorative Practice Approaches to Repairing Harm Part IV: Future Directions 14: Future Directions for Research and Practice
'Working with Autistic People in the Criminal Justice and Forensic Mental Health Systems is one of the first books that links together the perspectives from leading multidisciplinary professionals to examine the gaps that autistic offenders regularly face within the criminal justice system. An ideal guide for any practitioners to use within the forensic mental health field.' Dr Tanya Banfield, Head of Criminal Justice, Genius Within, UK 'In their impressive new book Anne Sheeran and Nichola Tyler have curated a rounded, thoroughly evidenced, and immensely practical collection. Drawing on a vast array of clinical, research and experiential expertise the editors have successfully and comprehensively shown how criminal justice, mental health and learning disability services can work with, and for, people with autism, their families, carers, victims, and the public. Especially welcome were chapters on supporting the carers and staff of people with autism and on questioning people with autism in a criminal justice context. This is a collection, carefully and cogently crafted, that retains throughout an unerring focus on what works best and I recommend it to all working in the field.' Professor Geoffrey L. Dickens, Professor Mental Health Nursing, Centre for Applied Nursing Research, Northumbria University, UK 'What is so pleasing about this excellent text, is that it achieves its aim of being a comprehensive handbook without losing sight of the people at the centre of it, those with autism. Centred on the British system, this handbook is nevertheless highly relevant to other jurisdictions, because of the quality of evidence the writers draw upon and the breadth of coverage of topics. It is highly recommended.' Dr Justin Barry Walsh, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Chair, Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
Uitgavejaar 2022
ISBN 9780367478285
Serie Issues in Forensic Psychology
Verschijningsdatum 19 mei 2022
Omvang 194
Auteur(s) Nichola Tyler Anne Sheeran
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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