Young Children's Behaviour

Practical Approaches for Caregivers and Teachers

  • Louise Porter
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A caring relationship is the most powerful tool for guiding young children's behaviour. This is the message that underpins the second edition of "Young Children's Behaviour: Practical Approaches for Caregivers and Teachers". In a clear and accessible style, Louise Porter advocates a "guidance approach" and shows how sensitive, child-centred communication can foster behaviour that is thoughtful and considerate in young children. Important topics include: theoretical foundations for guiding children; children's emotional and social needs; strategies for dealing with inconsiderate behaviour; behavioural challenges - social and play difficulties, developmental problems and family issues; and staff support, partnerships with parents, and policy development. Drawing on her experience as a psychologist, academic, consultant and parent, Louise Porter offers a wealth of practical guidance which is effective, sensible, direct and always empathic to young children's needs. This text should be of use to students of education and child care workers, and to all those who are interested in children's behaviour and development.
Part I Foundations of a Guidance Approach: Core Values of Early Childhood Education; Debates About Discipline; Prevention of Inconsiderate Behaviour. Part II Childrens Emotional Needs: Meeting Childrens Emotional Needs; Meeting Childrens Social Needs. Part III Responding to Inconsiderate Behaviour: Origins of Inconsiderate Behaviour; Communicating to Solve Problems; Responding to Everyday Disruptions; Teaching Children Emotional Self-Control; Resolving Chronic Difficulties. Part IV Specific Behavioural Challenges of Young Children: Disruptions During Routines; Social and Play Difficulties; Developmental Challenges; Family Issues. Part V Caring for Adults: Supporting Staff; Solving Problems in Collaboration with Parents; Formulating a Policy.
Uitgavejaar 2003
ISBN 9780864331786
Verschijningsdatum 1 jan. 2003
Omvang 252
Auteur(s) Louise Porter
Taal Engels
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